Z80 chip music from ZX SPECTRUM 48Kb

Tim Follin - Chronos: a Tapestry of Time

Strobe - Huvva
Mister Beep - Triton and mermaid

Flaminglog - King Tuts Awakening
Jan Deak - Pick Out 2
NEW ADD (Rest In Peace, 11.2014)

AER - Moroz3

The Number Nine (Ccowley) - Grandstand Theme (a cover)

Shiru - Alkaline Knight

Raphael Goulart - dancing frantically for about 26 secs
ÁB - Veeblefetzer

Ben Daglish - Blood Brothers

Mister Beep - Rubber Love  NEW MADE NEW ADD

nix (feat. TARGARIM) - Highway Fifteen

Zilog - Chornye glaza (a cover)

nix brightentayle - The Ship

Mister Beep - The Ninth Fighter-Ship

Shiru - Astro Force

CybexLab - Galactic Gunners

FrankT - Fire

Fearofdark - A Tangle of Octopuses
Lamaze P / Hikaru - Triple Baka

Jan Deak - Tetris 3 NEW ADD (Rest In Peace, 11.2014)

Ben Daglish - Motor Massacre

Factor6 - Squeeker

plrusek - Logic Maze

Mister Beep - Psionic activity

Voxel - Break me
Shiru - Fase Uno

Keith Tinman - The Arc of Yesod

Mister Beep - Hypervelocity Stars

Jredd - Phazer Phunk

Shiru - Bicycle ride

Mister Beep - Romantic Central Processing Unit

Ccowley - Cars (Cover of Gary Numan)

Jason C. Brook - MadBalls

MovieMovies1 - It keeps on beeping something Russian
Shiru - Disposal Orbit

Mister Beep - Nebula Fight

Shiru - Butterfly Catcher

Jangler - What Is Not Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Shadow Skimmer

Mister Beep - Spring is coming

Shiru - Good Old Times

Ben Daglish - Heroes of the Lance

Strobe - Scylla
Shiru - Fase Dos

Mister Beep - Atari can do it too! ;)

Ben Daglish - Super Sports (A)

Shiru - Final Guy

Jason C. Brook - Rastan Saga

MovieMovies1 - Through the Spectrum
Shiru - Magic Tokens

Mister Beep - Binary Universe

Shiru - Formation X

ÁB - Starport Patrol

MovieMovies1 - Galway's Song

Ben Daglish - Super Sports (B)
irrlichtproject - phazzurro
(Recorded by irrlichtproject)

Shiru - Restless Fighter

Partik Rak - Star Dragon

Ben Daglish - Wizard Warz

FrankT - Airwolf
Mister Beep - Jump to next platform! (Part 1)

Ccowley - Chuck Rock (Cover)

TDM - Foltrax

Voxel - The Play

Factor6 - SnakeMania

AtariTufty - Chipsong (a cover)
Shiru - Roller Skates

Mister Beep - Where the hell is volume control?!?

Fuxoft - Belegost

Super Dragon Slayer

Mister Beep - A piece of disaster

Shiru - Time Attack

Special Erase - Batman the Caped Crusader

Fuxoft - Starfox

David Whittaker - Licence to kill: song 1

Shiru - Fase Tres

Sidewize The Game

Ben Daglish - Super Scramble Simulator

Kolda and Mata - Miniartifici (quick)

Shiru - Streets of Rain

Strobe - RT-8416 Droid
Factor6 - Idiot on the motorway

David Whittaker - Licence to kill: song 2

Andy Brown - Wild Water

Ben Daglish - Gary Lineker Super Skills
Shiru - Trampoline

Mister Beep - One Bit Sound

Andy Mills - AnoGaia

Jason C. Brook - Savage 1

CID - Aknadach

Dave Rogers - Bear a Grudge

Ben Daglish - Artura
Cheveron - Beep Dreams (Eurythmics)

MovieMovies1 - Tritona v.2

ne7 - Happy Hippo

Ben Daglish - Deflektor

Cobra - Magic Show
Mister Beep - A crazy boy is jumping (part 2)

Tim Follin - Agent X part 1
David Whittaker - Fruit Machine Simulator

Factor6 - Beeporgy

David Whittaker - Brave Starr
Kriss - Love Rave

Mister Beep - Stellar Cruiser Assault

Shiru - River City Rancor

Ben Daglish - Dark Fusion
Ben Daglish - HATE (Hostile All Terrain Encounter)
Mister Beep - 1-bit is enuff

Keith Tinman (?) - The Plot

Akos Kozma - A Rokka (Godard)
Mark Jones - Arkanoid

Nicolas Wolovick - Creador Musical II (Demo)

David Whittaker - Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons

Mata - Aurora Remix
Ben Daglish - Masters of Universe
nix - Auf Wiedensehen Monty (a cover)
Mister Beep - Living in a fuse box

Fred Grey - Robin of the Wood
Jon Paul Eldridge - Dizzy

David Whittaker - Gryzor

Mata - Exsampler Song

Legend of Kage

Pennsoft & Soft Machine - Aliens

Mister Beep - LOGOS Part One (1-bit cover of TANGERINE DREAM)

Brandt and Grewe - Tom and Jerry 2

Mister Beep - Automatic Girlfriend  

Lyndon Sharp - Twin Turbo V8
Alberto Gonzalez - The Light Corridor
Akos Kozma - Mendelssohn Op85

Prodigy Game

mega9man - Going Through the Mystery Forest

Mister Beep - Cosmic Escape

David Whittaker - Ghostbusters 2 (Main Title)

David Whittaker - Ghostbusters 2 (B)

Spirits The Game

Qjeta and Mata - Enemies from Amiga
Keith Tinman - Hyper Active
Mister Beep - Unbearable bee

Ben Daglish - North Star

Bruce Lee The Game
Tim Follin - Agent X part 2
Lyndon Sharp (?) - Zanthrax

Akos Kozma - Promenade (the cover) (for Atari XL/XE fans ;) )

Ice Cool Coders - 1999

Jason C. Brook (?) - 1943 The Game

Qjeta - Chaos in head
David Whittaker - Milk Race

Factor6 - Good Old 48K

Tim Follin - Vectron
Jon Paul Eldridge - Professional Ski Simulator

David Whittaker - The Living Daylights
Mister Beep - I bring you flowers

David Whittaker - Hades Nebula
Manuel Cubeda - Freddy Hardest

Alfa Soft - Enola Gay (OMD) 1988

Qjeta - Jolly mood
David Whittaker - Star Wars
Jason C. Brook - Savage 3

Mister Beep - Complications (Amiga500 cover)

Tim Follin - Raw Recruit
David Whittaker - ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

Jason C. Brook - Ramparts
Keith Tinman - I.C.U.P.S.

Qjeta - Oxygene IV The Cover

Andy Brown - Power Pyramids
Mister Beep - Digital World

David Whittaker - Super Stuntman
Michael Batty - Full Throttle 2
Special Erase - Gutz
Zilog - Jet Set Willy (the cover)

Alfa Soft - Rendez Vous 5 (the cover 1988)

Qjeta - Golden Axe (the cover)

Tim Follin - Future Games
David Whittaker - Trantor the Last Storm Trooper

Andrew Owen - Hang-on

Nether Earth The Game
Jason C. Brook - Savage 2
Mister Beep - Kick the drums

David Whittaker - The Tube

Mr Incognito - Crystall Hammer (the cover)

Qjeta - A hard wedge into heart IV
Richard Joseph - Barbarian
Special Erase - Firefly
Mister Beep - Run mad

David Whittaker - Platoon

Jason C. Brook - Savage The Main Theme

Qjeta - Monty (the cover)

Steve Wetherill - Heartland
Qjeta - Hit Music (Pet Shop Boys)

Tim Follin - Star Tip 2

Mister Beep - Freak (Play, Beeper, Play! part II)





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